Global Beats - Pittsburgh
 One world. One Beat.

February is going to be an exciting month as we welcome “Nation Beat” back to Pittsburgh for the fourth time for one of our most popular nights of the year:  BRAZILIAN CARNAVAL!
Tickets on sale starting on 1/27 online at

Only 200 tickets available so be sure to get yours!

Costumes Highly Recommended

About Nation Beat: The American/Brazilian collective Nation Beat plays a 21st century mashup inspired by Brazilian maracatu drumming - See more at:

Also, I have accepted the position of International Music Director at WRCT 88.3 FM in 2014. Please email me suggestions for world music or just say hi at 

Thank you for your love and support. Connect with us via Facebook and follow our weekly updates.As of February, we had relationships with almost1,300 people on our Facebook page! Keep us growing!

One world.  One beat.

Carla Leininger

Here is Nation Beat who will be with us on February 28th!

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